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    ONLINE DOCTOR: It is a meical-scientific-legal term that emerged during the decade 2000, used by the media, doctors and scientists; as academics, to discover a generation of doctors and health professionals who provide medical consulting and medical care, including, prevention, diagnosis, reversion and treatment and even prescription of medications through the internet; Dr. Fayez Rajab Kheder Kannan (with experience as a Doctor for more than 20 years),and as Doctor Online (Multi-Specialty Online Medical Center), provides medical consultancy and medical attention on the Internet; that is to say; prevention, reversal, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through internet / online at the INTERNATIONAL level; is worth to say; (INTERNAL CLINICAL MEDICINE, FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE - SCIENCE OF NUTRITION, BIOCIENCY AND IMMUNOLOGY) which consist of the following: (DIABETOLOGY, PREDIABETES, DIABESITY, DIABETES TYPE 2, DIABETIC FOOT, ULCERS, METABOLIC SYNDROME, ABOUT WEIGHT, OBESITY, BLOOD HYPERTENSION, ALZHEIMER, PARKINSON, DEMENTIA, APOPLEJIA, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, CANCER, OCCIDENTAL STRESS, CHRONIC DISEASES AND LOW DEFENSES "ASTHMA, ALLERGIES, ZOSTER HERPES, ARTHRITIS, PROSTATE TRANSTORN, PREMATURE AGING", INTRACELLULAR DETOXIFICATION AND TREATMENT OF THE HEPATIC CIRCULATION PORTAL, FITONUTRITERAPIA / FITOQUIMIOTERAPIA, "SUPERALIMENTOS"); in fact we make preventions, reversals, diagnosis and treatments of the real, global and hidden causes of diseases and not only of risk factors; to treat the whole system and not just the symptoms, to create health and not just to treat the disease; is worth to say; it is an updated medical-clinical-scientific way of giving mainly treatment to the causes, to the causes of the causes of the diseases. We really concentrate and focus objectively on creating health instead of just treating the disease, leaving evidence that often the latter; that is to say; the disease takes care of itself and therefore the disease will disappear as a side effect of being properly healthy; (Medicine - clinical - internal - Functional, Science of Nutrition, Bioscience, Phytonutritherapy and Activation of the Natural Immune System "ASIN"); in particular we treat the entire body system and not just the symptoms; through consultations and medical attention through the Internet (Telemedicine, Telephone, Skype, Video Calls and Teleconferences) without the patient leaving home.

    On the other hand, we also dictate Conferences and Teleconferences to groups of people of all kinds at international level among others on the following:

  • Prevention, reversal, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, prevention of premature aging.
  • How to discover and take advantage of the Collagen Treasure Chest to rejuvenate and prevent wrinkles.
  • Intracellular detoxification (which is the key to health and to have a life with youthful vigor); In reality if you wake up in the morning with fatigue, it is very likely that you have toxins inside the cells that don’t work efficiently and as a consequence your cells don’t generate energy.
  • We give Teleconferences and Conferences about the golden rules of Doctor Fayez Rajab Kheder Kannan, for good health and youthful vigor; so that your body will look wonderful and will function at its optimum level; consequently; Through Teleconferences and Conferences we teach how to use the Golden Rules of Doctor Fayez that are key to preserve the rejuvenating enzymes - miraculous of your body to enjoy a long healthy life, all in a general way and in a customized way according to each case and each patient.
  • We provide advice to create your own rejuvenation plan, revitalize your cells and restore your vigor.
  • We teach how to stimulate your nutrition, reduce inflammation, regulate your hormones, maximize your detoxification, improve your digestion, improve your energy metabolism, reassure your mind (not to stress), increase the power of immunity.
  • For greater objectivity for example, today we can talk in summary about Type 2 Diabetes (which can be a reason for Medical Consulting and Medical Care, Conferences, Teleconferences and Video Calls): In truth Type 2 Diabetes, the increase in blood sugar, Blood pressure and cholesterol are simply symptoms resulting from stress, diet problems, lifestyle and environmental toxins among others.

    Type 2 Diabetes can actually be avoided, treated and reversed by objectively treating the hidden and real causes, not just the risk factors, of treating the whole system and not just the symptoms (elevated blood glucose, blood pressure elevated, etc., etc., etc.); to improve health instead of just trying to lower glucose; especially that Type 2 Diabetes is not genetic. Type 2 Diabetes is not a progressive or incurable disorder and diet based on phytonutrients such as Lycopene found in Tomato, Strawberry and Watermelon, Lycopene was more powerful than medicines. In summary, today Diabetes and other serious and very serious diseases can be reversed; treating the main causes, restore the damage, intracellular detoxification; activation and stimulation of the Natural Immune System; especially that the rejuvenating enzymes are directly involved in the intracellular detoxification system, lowering Homocysteine in the blood, Immunotherapy, Vitaminomineral Therapy, Anabolic Therapy, the feedback and controlling inflammation many patients have successfully eliminated insulin, understanding and treating all the hidden and real causes of Type 2 Diabetes; not only is it possible to eliminate insulin treatment or hypoglycemic agents, but also to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance. Among other diseases already mentioned above. And finally with Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Bioscience, Stimulation and Activation of the Natural Immune System, Rejuvenating Enzymes and Intracellular Detoxification aside from Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented, diagnosed, treated and reversed, Diabesity, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Sclerosis Multiple, Stroke, Premature Aging, Stroke, Cardiovascular Diseases, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Vision Problems, etc., etc., etc.

CONCLUSION:: We record the following:

  • Diabesity is the Mother of health problems ranging from a slight resistance to insulin, and overweight to obesity and diabetes, is the main global epidemic (disease) of our time. It is one of the main causes of premature aging (mainly Insulin resistance causes premature aging and wrinkles), Cardiovascular Diseases, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Depression and mood disorders, blood pressure, kidney, nerve and visual damage , Cancer and Premature Death in the World, is almost always provoked by environmental factors, lifestyle and Stress (the Father of health problems).
  • Diabesity is approximately 100% preventable and curable without a doubt as long as the patient does his part. Unfortunately despite all this, there are no international recommendations from governments or institutions or key organizations suggesting diagnostic tests or treatment for Prediabetes (It is a deadly disease that triggers the biggest killers: Stroke, Dementia , Cardiac Infarctions, Cancer and many others) and Diabesity; In this understanding we recommend that it is better to be safe than sorry, that a prevention pill is better than a quintal of cure. Remember that the link between Diabesity and Cancer is convincingly demonstrated, and its main origin factor is insulin resistance, among others.
  • Unfortunately, most doctors do not do the corresponding insulin resistance test. The higher your insulin levels the greater your resistance to it will be. As the disorder worsens, the body begins to lose muscle, gain fat, and also become inflamed, which causes rapid aging and deterioration.
  • There is no doubt that insulin resistance is the most important phenomenon that leads to rapid and premature aging and all the resulting diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer, dementia and cancer.
  • Even if you have a perfectly normal level of Blood Glucose you can be sitting on a time bomb called Diabesity, which prevents you from losing weight and enjoying a long and healthy life with vigor.
  • On the other hand it would be very convenient to clarify to the patient the following:
  • TELEMEDICINA, consists of the use of Telecommunications and information technology to provide medical advice and, above all, medical-clinical-scientific care at a distance. Telemedicine is used to overcome distance barriers and improve access to medical services - clinical - scientific and functional medicine giving patients comfort without leaving home and / or traveling and saving money and hassles to be taken care of.
  • Telemedicine is also used to save lives in intensive care and emergency situations; leaving record that the outstanding venture capital firm with headquarters in San Francisco, USA. Founders Fund; He described Telemedicine as extraordinarily fast, effective services and will provide relief to thousands of people with medical needs. In conclusion Telemedicine, (telephone calls, video calls, Skype, and Teleconferences.) Is a legal and beneficial way to treat patients via the Internet without any doubt at an international level.
  • In reality there is very little difference between a consultation by video calls and the type of assessment and telephone counseling that doctors do regularly outside of hours or in circumstances where doctors can not physically examine a patient or the patient is unable to go physically to the query; LAURENCE BUSKMAN, Chairman of the Physicians Committee of the British Association, says: "Online consultations make life easier for doctors and patients when used properly." Many patients will be very happy with this Doctor Online service; and more could be useful with complementary exams (Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, RX, blood, urine, stool, saliva, etc. Which depending on the case may be requested and sent via internet to us, to be analyzed and evaluated together with the other data obtained in the clinical history and / or the Telemedicine media). Especially when dealing with a patient who is followed by medical consultation and medical care by video calls and telephone is disciplined and follows the letter of the medical - clinical advice, leaving a record that the voice is important, the vision is desirable, the assessment of the laboratory studies and laboratory analysis are fundamental, in medical consultancies and medical care through the Internet; especially that video calls are excellent and allied tools for us as Doctor Online.
  • From the historical point of view we affirm the following:
  • That the first online website in the US was WebMD founded in 1996 by Jim Clark (co-founder of Netscape and Pavan Nigam as Healthscape); and then other medical consulting and health care websites that have experienced spectacular growth by 269%.
  • Then in March 2000 in Great Britain it was opened by Dr. Thoms, e-med, which was actually the first online health center to offer both diagnostics and prescriptions to patients through the internet; in that understood; In this country, companies such as Now Health Care Group, Dr. Fox Pharmacy, LLoyds Pharmacy and Push Doctor have emerged, offering consultations and recipes through the Internet.
  • In some countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia (HealthDirect), there is a health advice and information service provided by governments with advice offered 24 hours a day. How to become a Medicare (Universal Health System in Australia, which has reciprocal health care agreements (RHCA) with the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Malta, Slovenia) that started successfully to finance consultations and hospital care on the internet for doctors on July 1, 2011.
  • With the new advances in digital information technology, they undoubtedly mean that we online and on our health care website offer consultation services, medical treatments and very advanced online teleconferences for prevention, reversal, exploration and diagnosis through from Internet; consequently, the Online Doctor Multispecialty Medical Center (Online Doctor) is now gaining more importance and is facilitating online medical booking services as well as medical consulting, medical care and medical teleconferences.




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